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Luxury villas for sale in Pietrasanta Colline Lucchesi Tuscany

Luxury villas for sale in Pietrasanta, a jewel in the Lucchesi hills

Immobiliarelux - Prestigious properties for sale in Pietrasanta

Immobiliarelux proposes two prestigious Villas for sale in Pietrasanta in exclusive locations.

Why buy one luxury villa in Pietrasanta? Because this small town of Versilia is a perfect destination for a cultured tourism, for art lovers, the sea and good food.

In recent decades Pietrasanta has established itself as a veritable open-air museum in which to admire, among the many galleries and squares of the town, an uninterrupted and continuously renewed review of contemporary art and sculpture of the highest level. Center of attraction for artists from all over the world and true hub of international sculpture.

The city has earned the nickname of "Little Athens" thanks to the concentration of artists who have decided over the years to settirvisi (among the best known in recent decades it is worth remembering at least Igor Mitoraj and Fernando Botero) and today is a goal a cultured and elitist tourism.

The artistic vocation, wisely cultivated, boasts ancient roots and is closely connected to the processing of marble (and then bronze), which here boasts a centuries-old tradition. The impressive and near peaks of the Apuan Alps, the refined decorations of the many churches that embellish the streets and squares of the center, as well as the evocative presence of the old laboratories are enough to remember it.

Place of incredible charm, the historic center of Pietrasanta is a real artistic jewel, home to monuments and palaces that continuously host art galleries, exhibitions, exhibitions.

In Piazza Duomo there is the Cathedral of San Martino, a seventeenth century church totally built in Romanesque-Gothic style. Particularly interesting is its bell tower, embellished with decorations in Baroque style, today home to numerous exhibitions of the most famous contemporary artists. In the center of the Piazza Duomo stands the column of the Marzocco, a 16th-century structure.

But the historic center of Pietrasanta is not only art and monuments, it is also a walk through the elegant old town, leaving you pleasantly distracted by art galleries, boutiques, wine bars and fine restaurants, between its narrow streets and its alleys , make the atmosphere that is breathed in this small village even more unique.

Not only a perfect location for the summer so close but also so far from the sea, Pietrasanta knows how to enchant its guests even in winter, this Christmas for example is spent in the name of art, with museums and other historical-cultural attractions open on canonical days to allow tourists and citizens to fully enjoy the riches offered by the town of Lucca.

However, it is especially known in Italy as a major tourist destination for its beach facilities in Marina di Pietrasanta. Its coastline, characterized by fine and soft beaches, stretches for more than five kilometers, and overlooks a very limpid sea in every stretch of the coast. Marina di Pietrasanta is then very close to Park of the Cinque Terre and the Gulf of Tigullio, so as to offer even the most discerning tourist every kind of attraction.

Luxury villas for sale in Pietrasanta

If you wish to spend a holiday of art and culture or why not, establish yourself permanently, just contact Immobiliarelux, which will advise you best to buy a prestigious apartment, a luxurious villa or one of the beautiful farmhouses with sea view for sale on the hills of this enchanted place of Versilia.

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