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Rita Pederzoli Ricci


Author of the book Amore a prima Visita published by Franco Angeli, the first book in Italy dedicated to Home Staging. He deals with consulting of living, residential and retail spaces.
He graduated in Interior Design at the Faculty of Architecture with a thesis on the creation of emotional spaces. Real estate valuation is a natural consequence in its professional career and since the beginning of 2000 among the first professionals to bring Home Staging in Italy, specializing in the luxury sector and investors. The real estate assets valued on an annual basis is about 150 million in Italy and abroad.


by Rita Pederzoli Ricci

It is a study of Home Staging entirely dedicated to the needs of those who want to better position their property on the market. Among the first realities in Italy, it arises from the needs of those who believe in the living space as an emotional place.
Who addresses us
Private who want to optimize the sale or lease of their property or purchase a highly selected item.
Marketing oriented manufacturers, who believe in the profitability of space and realistic presentation aimed at results.
Real Estate Agents with which we collaborate actively in order to enhance the talents of their properties. In this way the project anticipates the buyer. Properties that differ in appearance on the market, meeting the ideal buyer more quickly.

President and founding member of the Italian Home Staging Professionals Association recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development.
Professional member AIPi (Italian Association of Interior Designers);
Member of IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects), ECIA (European Council of Interior Architects), BEDA (European Register of Designers);
IAHSP member of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals.

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Before and after the intervention of the professional Rita Pederzoli Ricci