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Home Staging professionals for prestigious properties



Home Staging is the number one technique in the world to support the sale and rental of buildings. Making the most of the talents of the proposed property, enhancing all the qualities, creating a perfect space for the reference market: a synergy in which interior design, marketing and real estate communication become elements with high added value. An innovative reality of reading, communication and management of the property: an investment that can lead to a significant decrease in sales times. For years, real estate and private real estate agencies have trusted us with excellent and certified results. A well designed and structured home staging intervention in its design, aims to increase the visibility of the property to be presented and its value perceived in a market with an ever more demanding and attentive request to what will be the living, working or investment space.


The goal is to ensure that the initial glance is strongly persuasive in the presentation of living spaces. It is therefore a matter of providing a series of targeted and highly professional interventions able to amplify the communicative scope of the property, encouraging its sale. A study at 360 degrees that involves the proportion of spaces, the lighting, the rebalancing of colors, but above all the creation in the shortest possible time of a harmonious, orderly and rational environment, through the enhancement of furnishings combined with complements with a strong communicative impact . Our Home Staging service starts from a first visit, during which the spaces are meticulously analyzed, concrete values ​​and defects evaluated, the target audience analyzed, based on which a project proposal will be presented, cost evaluation and times. The professional photo shoot will then allow you to better present the property on the market.

The advantages

The advantages of the presence of professional figures specialized in Home Staging in agencies with an innovative and dynamic reality on the real estate landscape, will undoubtedly be the increase of the personal image and of the agency itself, a declared constant and ongoing attention both for the property that for customers: buyers, investors, private sellers. The importance of being able to take advantage of the possibility of coordination for the meeting with customers, raising awareness of real estate consultants by providing training in the agency, are plus that provide, without doubt, an optimal and high-level response in the time of sale and professional image quality. Our aim in active collaboration with real estate agencies is to enhance the talents of their properties. In this way the project anticipates the buyer. offered to the customer with design solutions that increase its potential. Properties that differ in appearance on the market, meeting the ideal buyer more quickly.

The professionals in exclusive for immobiliarelux

Rita Pederzoli Ricci

RITA PEDERZOLI RICCI founding member and honorary member of the Association of Home Staging Professionals in Italy.
An operational team in Italy and abroad.

Our interventions are carried out by a minimum of 2 days to a maximum of 20, depending on the conditions and characteristics of the property.
Through consultations and realizations of Home Staging and Real Estate Valorization projects, we intend to provide ImmobiliareLux customers with complete and tailor made CUSTOM MARKETING SERVICES:
consultancy in the agency
at the property and online
projects and realizations of Home Staging
Open House Organizations, Agency Events, Home Book Processing, Professional Photographic Services, Emotional Videos, Brand Identity Creation for Particular Real Estate Products.


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