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2000 Mq.




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It is the time that stops at Buggiano Castello, ancient parish church and monastic complex, before it slows down and then stops. It 'sa clear spring day, the air is clean in the hills and I can enjoy in tranquility of this wonderful corner of architecture and history.
I enter the ancient village and I realize that time and space have changed and I am walking back through the centuries. I feel observed, I verify and I am alone. I look up and I see from the pointed windows, from the ancient loggias and from the thousand times that follow one after the other, that the story has remained alive and that the atmosphere tells, tells and tells.

No noise, also because in this noble abode there is still a sovereign that reigns undisputed: silence. Visiting the close passages of this incredible site, I learned something new. I thought the "silence" was one, only one but it is not. Here the silence is almost magical and protective, it stimulates the thought and calms the mind because it changes the rhythms of my day.
I almost try to stop and think, to look and enjoy what surrounds me, to try to imagine a long time ago a past story: quiet noises, instruments, the scent of nature, looks that look upwards absorbed. Who, where, when, I do not know this, is not allowed but I understand: the sovereign silence stops my perception.

The Monastery is a unique place among the only ones, and it is not possible to fully explain the concept of the "value of a place" because one can describe everything but the atmosphere and perceptions of well-being and peace that rise from within.
What is certain is that everything that irritates us in the city, stresses us and worries us here has vanished into thin air. It's a magical place and magic is just that: it welcomes us, changes us and takes us to another physical and psychic dimension. Now I'm sitting on a wall of the village, I feel more relaxed, more serene. And it's as if the problems that always accompany me, the worries for the job above all, had remained closed in the car, out in the parking lot.
Here I am, my essence and my true personality.
And I meet extraordinary gifts, all together: a powerful and warm light, the embrace of ancient but welcoming walls, a concept of "being" that fights the passage of time and defeats it by being reborn every day. Everything has different rhythms, it is ageless. Allows you to rediscover the pleasure of meeting a person who smiles and greets you, to read a book under a roof made of silver olive trees, hidden from the sun too at noon, to throw the gaze and the intimate up to the tops of the mountains without a border and without a horizon, to forget the toxic assets of time and space that we have given ourselves.
I can almost say that ................ I feel protected. Then finally I have to face the displeasure of starting again, going to the parking lot and finding anxiety and tension, but I know where to look for unexpected balances. The Value of a Place.

The Monastery of the Castle is currently completed in the civil ranch, consequently allows a future flexible completion, urban destination and use both in the context of a residential subdivision and in the accommodation, as a b & b of charm and theme at the highest levels for international markets .

"There are places that call us, perhaps even from a long distance.We do not know the reason, but, even before we have seen them, we know that following their call we will find a piece of our soul."
(Silvia Montemurro)

ENERGY CLASS: Not Applicable

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Castle for Sale in Buggiano, Pistoia

Buggiano, Pistoia, Tuscany
€ 4.500.000

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Viale dell'Industria 2b, Paderno Dugnano, Milan
  • Phone: +39 039 8941077
  • Mobile: +39 388 6447517
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