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Gross area

220 Mq.




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PUGLIA-GRAVINA (BA) -C.da Lama Cipriani.
On ancient territory of Gravina di Puglia, full of history and archaeological evidence, crossed by ravines (hence the name), we offer for sale exclusive renovated historic farmhouse.

Nestled in the countryside, the Casolare stands out on the horizon with a white factory building on a lawn of 4.300 sqm, with appurtenances and 15.000 sqm of agricultural land with olive trees.
THE RESIDENCE-Opens with a large living area that is distributed in two directions, distinguished by covers and finishes. The sitting area with fireplace and TV with low flat roof opens onto the landscape, the dining area ends in the continuity of the wooden surfaces, with the kitchen, presenting a sloping wooden roof. Free and bright with large windows overlooking the surrounding greenery is the living area, more reserved the sleeping area of ​​the 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms, with rooms collected in the simplicity and beauty of fine finishes.
THE PERTINENCES -Diverse and distributed, are also characterized by attention to detail: a main relevance of 48mq ca, with a large oven in the bathroom, a gazebo in the large garden, the tennis court, the henhouse, the garden and agricultural land.

The essentiality of the architectural lines, the solid wood, the brown metal and the boiseries, the white plasters and the local stone with reciprocal references, are the stylistic notes of this residence, of refined contemporary elegance that, in the expressiveness of matter knows how to pass on it the strong and austere character of these places.

Land border between the regions of Lucania and Puglia, 32 km from Matera, 17 from Altamura, the city of Gravina di Puglia (called Matera di Puglia), it shares the ancient geological nature rich in poles and ravines and the landscape with expanses of vineyards, wheat and ancient olive groves.
Seat of the Alta Murgia National Park, it extends largely on the bank of a deep gravina more than 100m, preserving under the inhabited area an underground world with testimonies of an ancient rupestrian civilization. The medieval districts, with narrow streets, houses and churches, from the main square with urban stairs, are connected to the city of today in a continuity of spaces and always new panoramic views.

Outside the town, the farmhouse for sale is 5 Km from the Gravina center, 6 Km from the Alta Murgia National Park, 75 Km from the Castellana Caves, 63km from Bari airport, 175km from Brindisi airport.

Luxury villa for Sale in Gravina in Puglia, Bari

Gravina in Puglia, Bari
€ 1.350.000

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