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Gross area

2200 Mq.


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Commercial Rent
Type: Office

The sky-earth building is located in one of the most beautiful and exclusive areas of central Rome due to its historical-archaeological and landscape importance, on top of one of the seven Roman hills, the Aventine Hill, between Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, the church of S. Alessio and that of S. Anselmo with its cloisters and gardens with a panoramic view of Rome.
The urban context is of a stately type and is characterized by the presence of high quality buildings.
The area is equipped with all the services and infrastructures that make it easily accessible. The public connection is guaranteed by the two metro stops Piramide and Circo Massimo as well as the Ostiense train station.
The building dates back to the 20 years and is spread over four floors plus an attic floor.
The building is accessed via two entrances, Via di Porta Lavernale, and Via di San Domenico, and through the staircases and lift system, access is gained to the individual floors.
The building is surrounded by an area of ​​relevance with green areas and parking areas.
The property is in good condition with fine finishes.
Main finishes:
- Electric access gate;
- Flooring in antique colored marble, travertine, parquet;
- Ideal Standard toilet;
- Electrical and special systems;
- Targetti lighting bodies;
- Summer-winter air conditioning system;
- Safety generator set for exclusive use;
- Telephone systems with telephone and transmission devices (wiring in 5e category);
- Videoconference teleconferencing system on the second floor;
- Fire detection and alarm system;
- Anti-intrusion system;
- TV system CC and video intercom;
- Lift system (capacity 1000 kg)
The building is accessed via gates complete with automation and opening via fixed locations in the hall (video door entry system).
The inner courtyard, whose paved design with cornices is made of Roman sampietrino, porphyry, basalt and travertine; it has parking spaces available for around ten parking spaces, and mopeds. Arboreal essences are also placed.
The entrances are equipped with machined iron gratings and double sliding doors with tempered glass doors controlled by volumetric radar and infrared cells.
The flooring of the entrances is made of ancient Roman colored marbles access to the building is through a glass door with three closing points equipped with glass blindowis 18 / 19. Lifts landings are in travertine.
The flooring of all the work areas is made on a design with a central carpet in Oak parquet planks, a perimeter bindella in Wengè wood, a travertine perimeter stripe and an additional bindello in Wengè wood parquet, a skirting board in wengè painted solid wood. .
The toilets are made with Roman travertine flooring and cladding, Catalano sanitary fixtures, Ideal Standard taps.
The external fixtures are pine wood painted white lacquered, complete with double glazing and shutter.
The interior doors are in solid wood with precious gasket, flat displays, handle and polished brass rosette.
The doors of the floor are armored with an internal oak panel.
In all the rooms false ceiling in insulating plasterboard are realized.
Targetti brand lighting bodies
The walls are painted with washable paint and connected to the ceiling with plaster gutters.
Thermal plant
The building is equipped with a centralized summer-winter heat pump air conditioning system with an electronic energy meter for each user.
The main unit, RC Group brand, is of the type with air-cooled condenser and reversible-cycle centrifugal fans, equipped with a microprocessor for monitoring all functions and communicating with remote supervision systems via serial port.
The machine, with 116 / 128 KW capabilities, complies with European standards: 89 / 392CEE; 98 / 37CEE; 91 / 368CEE; 93 / 68CEE; 89 / 336CEE; 73 / 23CEE; 76 / 767CEE; 87 / 404CEE; 97 / 23CEE and later.
The fluid (hot / cold) produced by the group is stored in a 800lt tank via a primary circuit and a group of twin electric pumps. From the tank, through a group of twin electric pumps, the dedicated main circuit is served, supplied downstream of a thermal energy meter for consumption accounting.
The entire hydraulic network is protected by an insulating coating, made of a tubular elastomer sheath with closed cells, which can be easily removed.
The pipe making up the fan coil supply network is covered with a synthetic rubber-based, closed-cell insulating sheath, with a vapor diffusion resistance factor ≥ 2000, class I fire reaction over a whole range of thicknesses and application temperature from -40 ÷ 150 ° C.
All pipes are provided with appropriate signs to indicate the type of fluid and the direction of circulation.
Workplaces are equipped with floor-standing fan coils, Sabiana brand, of the vertical type with a hot-dip galvanized sheet metal covering cabinet, complete with three-speed switch - electronic thermostat - summer-winter switch.
The meeting room at the 2 floor has an independent cooling and air treatment system to make up for the large number of users at the same time.
Energy performance is certified "Eurovent".
The condensate produced during the summer operation of the fan coils is collected by a PVC network and conveyed, through appropriate siphons, to the nearest discharge points.
For toilet units, heating takes place via electric convectors equipped with an operating thermostat.
Electrical and special systems
The primary distribution for connection from the general floor panels is made with FG70R cables, installed in pipes installed inside the cables or internal paths to the individual units.
Floor distribution, derived and protected by zone panels, is performed by deriving circuits in external boxes housed on metal ducts, with distribution in the same rooms in unipolar conductor of the type N07V-K, in flexible PVC pipes and heavy, installed under moldings and parallel environment connections in junction boxes of the built-in and multi-compartment type ..
For work environments, lighting is realized with Targetti brand lighting fixtures, with high-performance fluorescent lamps suitable for environments with video terminals. Each single station is made up of two 2x10 / 16A + two-socket sockets with two sockets unel 2x10 / 16A + t under normal section but differentiated from the previous one; this aspect to further dissect the circuits and facilitate, if necessary, the future energy section in continuity.
These devices are installed in recessed boxes unified with three rows by 4 modules; such as to house the RJ45 sockets relating to the data and voice system in segregated sections.
The escape routes are equipped with self-powered lamps equipped with safety signs.
The entire network is protected by a suitably sized earth system.
Generator set
Having the following characteristics:
110 kVA generator with automatic control panel installed on the unit and equipped with:
- N ° 1 automatic magnetothermal switch 4 poles Ith = 160 °.
- N ° 2 automatic magnetothermal differential circuit breakers 4 poles Ith = 63 ° with relay with differential adjustable in time and current.
- N ° 1 Panel with two independent switchings Network - Group each realized with 4 Poles Ith = 100 A (wall or floor installation)
- N ° 1 residential muffler placed inside the enclosure
- N ° 1 casing in "Super Silent from 62 dB (A) version
- N ° 1 internal tank plus 120 Lt. (15 operating time approx. Hours)
The generator is at the service of all the plants with the exception of the stairwell lighting (already equipped with emergency lamps) and lift system
Telephone Systems and Data Transmission
Inside the building, telephone and data transmission systems have been provided to satisfy the operational needs of the considered structure; the offices are served by a system with structured cabling in the 5E category for voice and data, with the exclusion of the operating stations and the active parts of the data system. The system also includes: two internal networks with structured cabling in the 5E category; the star centers of systems with cabinets for telephone exchanges (not included) and passive connection devices. Each station will be provided with XXUMX RJ2 sockets for telephony and data.
On the second floor there is a system for tele-conferencing which can be used from two offices and from the Meeting Room from 35 seats.
Fire Detection and Alarm System
Prepared for decommitments and dedicated rooms intended for meeting rooms.
In the building a single automatic smoke detection and fire alarm system of the addressed type has been planned, for total protection of the volumes considered.
The fire detection system is managed by two LOOP programmable logic units with at least 126 addresses per loop. The programmable logic control unit is located in the operating room where it is possible to completely control the entire system on a single display.
In order to guarantee adequate system security, the control unit has two processors, one main and one backup in case of failure of the first, furthermore each group of three loops is equipped with a dedicated processor for independent operation.
The detection of the fire principles is entrusted to Tyndall effect analogue optical smoke detectors, analog and addressed and manual fire alarm buttons, placed in special red-colored boxes with frangible glass, positioned near the emergency exits and along the exodus routes.
The connection between the sensors and the control unit is made via copper cable, 2x1mmq, shielded and twisted, with a loop that is closed on the control unit itself.
Both the automatic detectors and the manual buttons are installed on the same loop loop with two conductors closed as a loop.
The aforementioned ring is equipped with short-circuit isolators every thirty-two between detectors and buttons.
Anti-intrusion system
The offices are equipped with an anti-intrusion system with zone-type alarm detection units complete with keyboard, key and 12Vcc batteries.
TV system. CC and Video door entry system
The TV-CC system consists of No. 1 color ccd camera in the concierge, No. 1 color monitor 9 ", connections, RG cable in single piping.
Transceiver external door entry video entry system consisting of: camera, wall-mounted electronic doorphone - 8 push-button panel - visor - lighting - with 18 VA transformer, in operation
Lift System
The Lift system compartment, positioned inside the building, was entirely made of ca
The elevator pad externally is covered with wengè wood frames.
Brand Kone mod. EcoSystem MS455 - MonoSpace solution (system compliant with DM 236 of the 14 / 06 / 89 and the European directive 95 / 16 / CE DPR 162 / 99 - UNI 81.2)
load capacity Kg. 1.000 capacity 13 people speed 1,00 m / s with precision leveling at the machine floor inside the hoistway anchored to the ecodisc type variable frequency drive runners, axial synchronous motor with permanent magnets, without reduction, flywheel incorporated on the cab traction pulley dim. mm. 1.100 in width, mm. 2.100 of depth, height mm. 2.100 two entrances in a self-supporting metal structure built with a sheet metal wall covered with natural beech wood, a mirror positioned on the side wall, a satin aluminum handrail on the side wall, a botticino marble floor worked as a drawing external walls of the cabin with sound-absorbing covering for the cabin door two automatic entrances with electronic control, with two doors with lateral telescopic opening of clear light mm. 900 per mm. 2.000 height, satin steel cladding, infrared photoelectric cell to reverse the maneuver of the doors in the presence of obstacles full collective simplex maneuver with memorization of the commands and calls in any number and time, both with stationary cabin and with cabin in motion for any direction. Door Map control panel integrated in a small panel mounted directly on the door, with a satin-finish Asturian steel finish automatic landing doors with a telescopic lateral opening of net light mm. 900 per mm. 2.000 height, satin steel finish

Shared services
With elevator
Energy Services
Autonomous heating

Office for Rent in Rome

Rome, Rome
€ 1.100.000

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