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Palazzo Vendramin
luxury apartments in Venice.

The restoration of historic buildings in Venice is heavily regulated and major projects must be carried out in such a way as to ensure compliance with the requirements of local authorities and the preservation, as far as possible, of the historical fabric. In addition, it is essential that final residential units are structurally sound, energy-efficient and compatible with the needs of modern life.

A great deal of analysis was carried out to decide on the methods to be used in restoring Palazzo Vendramin in order to ensure that all these fundamental issues are taken care of. The apartments that have come up with it are a fine example of how an old building can be adapted to the best possible way, both to cover its new role and to protect its heritage.

The basic principle was to ensure that restoration was carried out with minimal intervention and delicacy. Repairs and selective replacements have been on the agenda, combined with the best of modern technology and constructive methods are capable of delivering. The structure of the building has been enhanced with the use of non-invasive reinforcements, while the original foundations have been reinforced and consolidated. It has also been installed protection against high tide or exceptional high water.

During the process of restoration, many historical architectural peculiarities have been revealed, including fragments of pre-existing works of art and frescoes, wooden and terrace floors, finishes with finely painted beams and finishes, which represented a complex challenge for the makers.

In some cases, "new for old" strategies have been implemented, including the transfer of new terrace floors using the same techniques used in the production of originals.

Meticulous and detailed restoration techniques were in some cases the only solution to ensure that the original was restored in accordance with the recommendations of the Superintendency for Architectural and Landscape Heritage of Venice and its Lagoon.

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Project authors:

Architect Alberto Torsello