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The decision to buy or not a property is taken in the first 90 seconds of a visit.
Precisely for this reason it is necessary to amaze and excite potential buyers in the shortest possible time.

The Home Staging serves just this and for this reason it is a valid ally in a real estate negotiation.

Second edition for the text "Love on first visit" ed. Franco Angeli, in an updated and expanded version, now also available in e-books.
A text, the first published in Italy on the subject, born from the need to explain more clearly the true essence of this profession, counted among those that in the coming years will have greater growth: the 1 number in the world to support sales and rent of the buildings.

A valid tool for those who want to get closer to this profession and know the basics to propose properties in a new and effective way in a constantly evolving market.

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The house is a precious commodity and as such must be prepared before being put on the market.

Home Staging is an effective and dedicated property enhancement technique. It consists in making the most of the talents of the proposed building, enhancing all the qualities, creating a perfect space for the reference market.

A synergy in which interior design, marketing and real estate communication become elements of high added value.

In the most innovative real estate agencies work side by side with Home Staging studios, an investment that can lead to a significant decrease in sales times.
Pure marketing: Home Staging is pure marketing.

A "journey path", so I would define this book, a path born from the need, in this particular moment of the real estate market, to identify new development niches with the main purpose of proposing the development of real estate as a high value-added element in the process of real estate marketing.

Emotion, planning, research: in the book I dealt with real estate, the real estate market and the use of home staging, with passages on photography, spaces and their correct interpretation, a reasoned interpretation of the different metropolitan "moods".

A first theoretical part precedes the practice of the second section, the building thus analyzed is placed, from time to time, within specific scenarios elaborated with particular attention to the consideration of values ​​such as beauty and time: aspects of considerable importance and elements of high profitability.
Using the emotional power of the spaces of a building with a correct and critical analysis, we can talk about a real building culture where analysis, interpretation and realization are the rhythm of valorisation that will undoubtedly play a fundamental role in the first 90 seconds visit and visibility of the building.

Strengthening profitability over time, bringing out the talent of real estate, considering living space as a container of emotions, are ingredients to renew the methods and real estate investment through Home Staging to communicate not only a property but an entire lifestyle .

The book is available for purchase, on paper in all Feltrinelli and Mondadori bookshops, on the online sites Franco Angeli, IBS, Mondadori, Feltrinelli, or in the e-book Kindle version on Amazon.

LOVE AT FIRST VISIT book by Rita Pederzoli Ricci

The decision to buy or not a property is taken in the first 90 seconds of a visit

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