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SM agencies

SM agencies

Immobiliarelux Network Agency registration

€ 54.90

€ 45,00 + VAT Monthly Cost for 12 months


  • Each property is viewed by our office, bad quality images that are eliminated to guarantee our customers the target proposed by us are not allowed.
    Our office monitors all the properties one by one by entering the missing search features, type: private pool, lifestyle, ista etc ...

    The properties that can be published for sale have an initial price limit of 500.000 euro, the properties proposed for the lease have an initial price limit of 2.000 euro
    The properties below the cost of 500.000 residential euro sale must be carefully selected and sent, they must still be valuable properties for at least one characteristic, an internal restructuring, the view, the location etc ...
    We do not treat Industrial buildings, shops, etc., but rather the commercial sector suited to the target of the portal (Hotels, Offices, Farmhouses ..).
    We DO NOT publish buildings with only images of floor plans. We suggest adding at least 1 image that represents the property, for example the place, the building etc.

    We DO NOT publish buildings with non-quality photographs or with disused and dark rooms.
  • For assistance contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Live Chat on this page.

Issue of regular invoice. Automatic payment via Paypal