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House is not a place, it's a feeling!

A luxury villa, a historic home, a loft, a B & B, a modern apartment. What represents us is style, through the most sought-after materials.

Let's make emotional locations!


The love for the houses comes from my grandfather, who in the distant 1972 constituted a building company, still active in the Veneto region.
My path was different, I graduated, I lived in London and Alicante, and then come back and devote myself in a natural way to something that may have always belonged to me: THE HOUSE.
With 15 years of experience in renovations and interior finishes, 7 started years ago, my transition to the world of Home Staging. The crisis has led me to find practical solutions to the fact that it was very difficult to sell a house, in a real estate market in full collapse.
I integrated my technical knowledge to the aesthetic ones of real estate marketing, creating a perfect synergy.
I have Home Staging interventions with a percentage of 90%, in the first 3 months.
The thing that distinguishes me is my knowledge of high-end finishing materials. Before any enhancement intervention, my team and I carry out a check-up of the building regarding the finishes, so that everything is presented in an impeccable manner.

Together with Rita and Laura we founded the Association of Home Staging Professionals Italy, the only Italian company recognized by Barb Schwarz, founder of home staging and IASPH, bringing forward values ​​of ethics, professionalism and collaboration. We support the new generation, we sponsor training schools and we place ourselves as a "category association" supervisor in this sector.

I am present in the territory of Veneto and Friuli but available throughout Italy.

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